About Me

Bonnie has almost 20 years of experience in accounting and business development. This experience covers a wide range of services in several industries and includes international work.

Bonnie focuses on teaching businesses and business owners to master their money mindset to see money as a catalyst for change, instead of a limited resource delaying business growth and achievement.

As an Enrolled Agent, Bonnie provides specialized tax solutions for business entities and their owners. She has the privilege to practice before the IRS in accordance with competency, duties and ethical reputations as stipulated by the Internal Revenue Service, without state limitations.

Bonnie has extensive experience providing executive level consulting. Which goes beyond simple services to help businesses advance to the next level by gaining more knowledge. Allowing businesses to feel more confident and empowered. Bonnie has trained with High Performance Coaches, Social Media Experts & World Class Speakers. She brings that experience and training to her clients, teachings and speaking events.

Knowledge often starts with money mindset, Bonnie works closely with business owners to expand their understanding of return on investment and the lifetime value of customers and clients. Bonnie works to help business owners understand their true purpose and motivation behind their business. So they can better value their time and feel more in alignment with their work.

Bonnie instills a foundational understanding of money mindset to help business owners know & understand their path for growth. 


Combining money action with money alignment, she is uniquely positioned to be a catalyst for advanced and significant change to your business.


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