"Broke" with an assistant???


Say what!?!

There are a ton of people trying to sell you their 6 figure income program. I'm all for making more money & investing in yourself.


Pay attention to who is giving that advice. Someone was selling a program to go from "broke" to 1 million in a week. And that wasn't just clickbait. They said it several times in their promotion.

They talked about discovering this amazing technique when the hit 'rock-bottom' and had to hustle. Then said they had their assistant do a bunch of tasks.

Your definition of broke & rock bottom involves having an assistant??

That's not really the definition broke for most people. Times of struggle are different, for different income levels. What is broke to one person may not mean the same to another person.

This person was being very misleading about their program. I'm sure there was some "no income guaranteed" legal text. But I wouldn't want to take advice or follow someone who would use these tactics.

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