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5 day mindset Dec 28, 2019

The law of attraction teaches us that what we think about we create. It's the idea that if you're looking for something that's red, you're going to see a lot of red things in your environment.

But then if someone says, hey, what around you was green? You may not have seen those things.

So when you're open to new opportunities and open to new ideas, you see more of those around you.

It's a great mindset.

But we’re going to go into the psychology around why you have those money stories. So it's really, difficult to change those patterns.

There are 2 parts of our brain that weened to connect. Our prefrontal cortex, which is the logic and reasoning. And the limbic, more emotional system of your brain.

We’re taught that money was an even trade. 50 beans equals one hour of farming work. But an anthropological study of money, shows that is not true.

Money and currency were relationship driven, not transactional.  Trade would happen and people would get to know each other,...

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Money in your Relationship

5 day Dec 23, 2019

Finances are a big cause of stress in relationships.

You might think it's just a relationship with a significant other but it can affect every relationship. How you show up as a friend, a parent, and even how you interact with strangers. Ever defend a purchase or make up an excuse for getting a card declined?

If you want to learn how to have a better relationship with money, join the 5 day challenge.


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