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5 day mindset Dec 28, 2019

The law of attraction teaches us that what we think about we create. It's the idea that if you're looking for something that's red, you're going to see a lot of red things in your environment.

But then if someone says, hey, what around you was green? You may not have seen those things.

So when you're open to new opportunities and open to new ideas, you see more of those around you.

It's a great mindset.

But we’re going to go into the psychology around why you have those money stories. So it's really, difficult to change those patterns.

There are 2 parts of our brain that weened to connect. Our prefrontal cortex, which is the logic and reasoning. And the limbic, more emotional system of your brain.

We’re taught that money was an even trade. 50 beans equals one hour of farming work. But an anthropological study of money, shows that is not true.

Money and currency were relationship driven, not transactional.  Trade would happen and people would get to know each other,...

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It's OK to not be OK

about me anxiety Dec 25, 2019

It’s OK to not be OK.

If it's a struggle to be festive or it’s difficult to enjoy all of the holiday events, it’s OK.

This time of year is difficult for many people but how you choose to deal with it can make a huge difference. Just letting others know this time of year is difficult can be the hardest thing and the simplest.

Christmas is the most difficult time of the year for me. It reminds me of losing my mother. She went into hospice a few weeks before Christmas. It was doubly painful because she really loved Christmas. She was one of those crazy people who would get ALL the holiday decorations. Even getting Christmas decorations for the toilet seat lid.

She went over the top with all of her decorations. She would make my favorite (and possibly the best) lemon icebox pie. Which I later found out was mostly Cool Whip. No lights or decorations that I’ve seen since she’s been gone have been as bright or as decadent as hers.


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Money in your Relationship

5 day Dec 23, 2019

Finances are a big cause of stress in relationships.

You might think it's just a relationship with a significant other but it can affect every relationship. How you show up as a friend, a parent, and even how you interact with strangers. Ever defend a purchase or make up an excuse for getting a card declined?

If you want to learn how to have a better relationship with money, join the 5 day challenge.


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Do you admit your weakness?

about me Dec 22, 2019

I openly admit I'm not a great driver.

I think it's important to be realistic about things that we're not good at. Even the little things. 

When I have to drive, I get anxious and it's bad for everyone. Being honest about it has eliminated embarrassment & stress.

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Save on your Taxes

taxes Dec 21, 2019

Do you get a 1099? Do you have a business? Want to exclude unto 20% of your income from taxes?

You need to know this or ask your tax preparer if you qualify.

If you have any sort of online business, brick & mortar business, or you are part of the share or gig economy. If you do Uber, Airbnb, are in network marketing, all of these companies report income they paid you. If you don’t include it on your taxes, the IRS will know.

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Be Careful with Free

taxes Dec 20, 2019

The free tax services you see on commercials are not telling you something.

It has a little disclaimer, it says for basic services. Some may say "postcard" service.

But you don’t see the notice and think “It's totally free.” You can go to the IRS website and do your taxes for free yourself if you qualify.

A problem with going into one of the box stores is the reason it's free is because they're not filing extra forms for you. So you might be missing out on thousands of dollars in deductions to save $50 or $60 bucks through their services.


But they don’t tell you that. They usually ask general questions that are prompted by a computer program. An often missed question & deduction is if you have someone in your family that is a student, college or post-grad. There are education credits that can lower what you pay in taxes.

Once you add the education credit, you're no longer considered a basic tax return because there's an additional form. You may pay...

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Don't Monkey Around

bookkeeping Dec 20, 2019

Stop monkeying around IN your business 

It's easy to look at the price tag of services or apps and think you'll save money by just doing it yourself.

Your time is more valuable than the money you think you're saving.

Not only will you spend time doing admin stuff but it also takes away from being able to get new clients.

You can't get more time in your day but you can delegate work & tasks.

You should be doing the things only YOU can do in your business 

Virtual assistants are amazing for this! And so are bookkeepers!

Check out www.BATBooksOnline.com for some amazing bookkeepers.

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Your budget

budget Dec 19, 2019

When thinking of your budget, you have to make it to fit your family, your lifestyle & your goals. Not what other people think.

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Thank You

gratitude Dec 18, 2019

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You, yes you reading this

To you, it may just be a click but to me, it's a cheerleader supporting & encouraging me.

Running a business can make you feel lonely, crazy, excited, anxious, happy, overwhelmed... basically like a hot mess of a human.

It has been a whirlwind few years with ups and downs and new adventures and a few challenges. (hello new software company)

Breaking away from the traditional form of a bookkeeping/tax business has been a huge shift for me. It has been amazing to be able to help entrepreneurs, freelancers, gig workers, and small businesses.

I found joy & purpose in using my skills to help the people it impacts the most.

Can you imagine going to work every day for a corporate a-hole who would rather fly lobster from Maine to Texas on a private plane than contribute to employee's retirement accounts? True F'n story.

I started to feel like an ant. Insignificant. I felt I could be replaced in a week so why try so hard? I didn't...

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Money & Your Brain

money mindset Dec 17, 2019

Social Media isn't always real.

There is an illusion of a lifestyle that is not necessarily truthful. People may not be giving you the best and most authentic information to help you in your life.

Your brain is pretty powerful & forms connections and patterns that you may not be aware of.

Your thoughts and habits around money are based on a lot of things. Society, the culture you grew up in, your parents, how your parents dealt with & talked about money.

We tie money into our self worth & our ethics. We think that if we owe somebody money or have debt, we are "bad" people.

That is not a healthy way to look at money.

The first step to fix this is to connect your limbic system (your emotions)  to your prefrontal cortex (your rational side).

When you start worrying about money or you want to hide and ignore it, try to connect your actions (or rational thinking) to a feeling.

For example, if you are a parent and you buy a bunch of stuff at the store then you can't even...

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