Is your free email costing you money

business money May 19, 2020

Whether you’re someone that has to clear all your email notifications or you let that number climb, your business email says a lot about your business. If you’ve got a branded email. Sweet, move on. This article isn’t for you. However, If you are using a free gmail service, listen up. There are several ways this could cost you.  


Here’s the difference. The free accounts look like this:

[email protected] (or yahoo or eek aol)

The branded email looks like this: 

[email protected]


Close enough right? Let’s dive into it. 


The biggest reason that free accounts cost you is they don’t look professional. You want your clients to trust you. To know that you’re a credible business that isn’t going to take their money and disappear. Using a free account can make your business look tiny and a bit sketchy. 


Your customers form an opinion based on this. 36% of people think “@gmail” in a contact is unprofessional. You’ve invested time and money in your skills. You need to show potential customers that you are serious. And you need to show you’re worth the price of your services. Here’s the kicker: a branded email can cost less the $50 A YEAR.


Also, you want to be promoting your company, not Gmail or yahoo. Used correctly, a branded email can be a great marketing tool. 


You don’t need a robust email system to send 1,000s of emails but you should be thinking about performance and security. When you pay for email service, you get extra features that can help you. It makes business easier when you can automate and track emails. Some email providers will send you reminders to follow up on emails you sent or to reply to emails you get.


Free emails are also notorious for being hacked. Losing access to your email can cost your livelihood. Have you ever gotten spam that looked like it was from a friend? This is very common with free email. Not all the free providers are equal so some providers have it happen more than others. But just think how it’s going to look if spam goes out to your customers from the email you use for business. 


Now think about if your emails are automatically marked as spam. Even without the hacking example, some emails are marked as spam. This happens most with old email addresses. I’m looking at you “aol” and “hotmail” or worse “sbcglobal”. If you’ve tried to tell your customers about a sale or promotion and got no interest, they might not be getting your emails.


A branded email doesn’t have to be expensive and it can increase your chances of getting new clients.

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